Monday, November 7, 2016

Teen Mom OGThe angles, and the way it was

I have to just let off some steam!  I watch Teen Mom, and Farrah comes on and I can feel my blood pressure go through the roof!!  I just don't understand how this disgusting person is allowed to treat people the way she does!! I mean forget her parents that are her little puppets, and forget how she treats the producers that are in charge with her, and how she makes them use a porta potty, cause she doesn't let them use her bathroom, because "they" are dirty?? I mean I think that we all have seen her sex tapes that were clearly produced by someone, even though she says they were just taped by the 2 of them! I mean I call Bullshit!! That is not even close to a home made sex tape,  that is a full fledged porn tape!! "The Back Door" or what ever that filth is called!! She is probably the dirties hoar that I have ever seen!!! Then she has the nerve to talk down to people, especially her parents, and shame on them! They will do and say and lie just so they can count on her money, which is the only reason people even talk to her!! I mean the producers that are in charge of her better get payed a whole hell of a lot more  money that the producers that are in charge of Maci!! She is just gross, plucking her daughters eyebrows cause she feels that her daughter had a unibrow and if she is questioned about it she defends herself by saying that she does it while her daughter is asleep!! She gives her daughter her out of reality issues, then gives her daughter $600 for a lost tooth!! I mean wtf!! She is so immature, and social services should come and take that little girl away from her, cause I really feel that she would get her in kiddie porn if it would make her some money!! Then she opens up her frozen yogurt business, and true to Farrah form she treats the kids that work for her like trash, and when she wanted to talk to one of girls, she in her immaturity where's these stupid glasses, to talk to her!! Who as a boss does that!! I just don't know when someone is going to put her in her place! But until someone is going to stand up to her, she will never get her act together!! She makes me sick, and MTV should be ashamed of themselves, as well as Dr. Drew!! Well my blood pressure is throughout the roof, so I have to stop, but please for the love of anyone's God someone stick up for her child that she talkes to like she is a baby, before that child is ruined forever!  MTV YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!

Friday, November 4, 2016

60 Days In!

So!  I am back!! Not that I have a followers but I am able to get things off my chest, which drives my family crazy! The last thing that I got of was my HUGE boobs, and that was Amazing, so my goal is to do better to get some of my followers from Twitter!!  What I want to talk about today, is
60 Days In!!
I got hooked on that show season 1 and just finished season 2!  What shocked me about that show, was the fact that the inmates were clearly running the prison!! They got drugs on a regular basis! If they weren't coming on their meal trays, then they were getting them in their laundry!! It's crazy! Then there was the violence in the men's cells! They actually held their own court system, with the PodBoss being the judge, and everyone was found guilty! The guilty sentence was that everyone could beat up on the prisoner!! On time a correction officer literally walked in while a prisoner was beated so badly that he couldn't walk, and you couldn't tell if it was from a leg that had been broken, or that he had some kind of head injury!  The participants on season 2 seemed to have a worse experience than season 1. One of the male participants was hazed constantly!!  The day that he walked into the cell he had men in that sell that were sexually harassing him pulling their pants down to trying to lay beside them it was disgusting and not anyone outside the cell saw any of I don't know what the correction officers were doing but they were definitely not keeping their eye on the cameras to see what was going on!  The female participants went through hell! They were kept up all night long, every night, and again not one correction offers ever came in! Then there was the "drug search" I do a better search when I go out and pick up my dogs poop!! Every time they missed finding the drugs, it just made the prisoners feel like they had more power over the prisoners!! Then there was Ryan!! He was so creepy! Then when he had the "honor code" with the prisoners and he felt that he had made "real friendships" I mean he thinks that being in prison was easy!! Yeah dummy, for 2 months let's see how you deal with years or life!! He was just a pompous pig!! Well that's all for now!
Just sayin!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Hi everyone, well it is actually still just me writing, and nobody actually reading! I am ok with that, I feel better just getting it all out!  Now that Teresa is out of jail, and Joe has gone in, I am a little confused!  Teresa went to jail if I remember correctly, because her and Joe were not paying taxes, hiding income, and assets from the government.  I'm sure that there are more reasons, but what is confusing me is, Why, is Teresa allowed to live in the multi million dollar house?  I would think that if they are filing for bankruptcy, and again, I might have heard this wrong, but if they filed for bankruptcy why does she get to live there? I know that if it were me, and my husband and we were not paying our taxes, and that would just not happen, it is one of those things you here about happening, but it is usually a celebrity or some rich person!  It just kinda blows my mind that she is able to come back live in her house, make money, and be right back on tv!! Crazy!!

Then we can move on to RHNY I just gotta talk about Luann!! I mean what the F!!!!!  Does anyone other than me remember the Luann who would not Bethany introduce her to their driver as Luann, apparently she was so much higher on the food chain than this poor lowly driver!! Remember when she took her daughter and some of her friends out to dinner and one of the little girls asked her a completely innocent question about cutting her steak, and Luann or the "countess" embarrassed her and laughed at her!! Luann was writing a book about manners!! Now what happened to Luann's manners?? Bringing married men to the house all the girls were staying in to sleep over!! Then trying to hide the fact that she brought the guy that she felt looked like Johnny Depp home and slept with him cause she was still with Jaque (idk if that is spelt right, I will check in Lu's manners book!) Now she just sleeps around and wants the girls to not be in-cool! The countess doesn't want to jab out with anyone who is in-cool!!! She is now engaged to Tom!!! Tom the same guy who is sleeping with Sonja and Ramona!! Sonja had just slept with Tom a week ago!! So now Luann calls the girls Bitches at dinner!! I'm sure that is not something that would be in the manners book of something to out to dinner!! She has just turned into a self absorbed slut, and proud of it!!

Let's talk about Southern Charm!!  I have to say that I was a HUGE fan of Cameran last season, this season, I felt that she was judge mental,  stuck up, pretentious, and down right mean!!! Her little seriously memorized little comments that she makes are really over done you can say them once maybe twice, but now they are just not funny!  It must be so great to have such a perfect life that you can trash everyone else's, but oh wait, hers isn't all that she makes it out to be!! She is not wanting a baby, she knew that is what her husband wanted, so she lies to him, and tells him sure she wants kids, I think she would have said anything to marry a doctor!!! Well now Cameran whatcha gonna do now??? I know, you can stop talking about all of your "friends" and start dealing with your own messed up marriage!!!! Now onto Landon!!! Let's talk messed up!! Again, I loved her last year, but this year she has come out of her shell!! She has been caught lying on a number of occasions!! "I invited Katherine, it's not my fault if she didn't want to come!" Lie, "I didn't sleep with Thomas, or didn't try to!" Lie, then there is the favorite " I've done nothing to you" lie  She has been mean and nasty and has done everything she could to land a rich guy to marry, but they have all turned her down!! I would love to hear from her ex- husband why they actually broke up, you don't walk away from a marriage and say "Oh no, I don't want any money, or anything, you take it all" Come on, no one in their right mind would do that!!!! I wish we could find out the real reason why she got divorced and walked away with nothing, cause there has to be a reason!!! As much as I would love to talk about her all night, I want to talk about Whitney!! He is not my favorite guy, I can't believe that he claims to have no feelings for Katherine!! He claims it was a one night thing, and that he hates her! If you go back to the season when he was with Katherine, he was totally bragging about her ancestors and her lineage, and her last name to that guy, I can't remember his name, but her was staying with Patricia for a bit!  If you watch and you see how he talks about her, he totally had strong feelings for her. Then they went to that cookout that I think Danni had, they came together, and then he watched her as she walked passed him and she went right to Thomas! He looked crushed! I don't like him, but I truly felt bad for him that day, he looked like a little boy that lost his puppy. That is why he hates Katherine, he actually still has feelings for her, and he hates that Thomas now has what he wanted with Katherine. To get married, and have children with Katherine! Before I go, I just have to talk about Patricia!  What do you think she did before she married Whitney's dad? I bed she came from a lower class family. I thought that her husband died. I thought she was a widow, but as it turns out, she is DIVORCED!!! I thought that was frowned upon in the Southern society!! So what does that make her?? I bet she was the gossip for a while in Charleson!! Now she spends her day ringing a bell for martini's, has anyone ever seen her eat? I have seen her drink her breakfast lunch and dinner, and she drank a few snacks in between, and making her bedroom match every possible thing she can, he bedding matches the wallpaper, the wallpaper matches, the rugs, the rugs match the plates on the wall match EVERYTHING!!!!!!  He designer came over and he was about 196 and he sat with Patricia and he pointed his cane at a guy who was hanging even more blue stuff on the wall. He did this without getting up, and while he drank a martini with Patricia!! Well I am not done with Southern Charm, but I am calling it a night, I wish I had Patricia's bell right now, I would love a nightcap right now!! Goodnight!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Teresa's Sentence Nearing The End

Well as Teresa Giudice's sentence is winding down, and as she prepares to spend the rest of her sentence at home, the Bravo cameras will be there to catch every minute of it! Most people that go to prison, for what the Giudice's have done, have an almost impossible time finding a job when they get out.  The Giudice's however manage to be able make money from it! Bravo has a 3 part special focusing on Joe and the girls and their time without Teresa. We can hope that the money they make from this special, will go towards paying their debt with the government, and any other debt they owe!  If this had happened to a "real" real housewife and her family, they would lose everything that they own.  Their cars, jobs,and homes. No one would be there waiting for you to get out of prison so they can pay you to tell your story about how you cheated the tax payers of your country by not paying your taxes! Oh, but wait, this is not Joe's country, he is not a legal US citizen!! He is just ripping off OUR country! This is not his country, so why would he care if he paid his taxes or not! Teresa is not one of my favorite people, but I do believe that she got herself in this mess because of Joe! How many people do you know that when their husband or their wife says, "Honey, when you get a chance, can you sign these papers?" How many of us are gonna say "ok, just let me read it all over and I will get back to you?" Most of us, if not all of us are gonna just sign right then and there. I am not saying by any stretch of the imagination that she is innocent in this whole nightmare, she, like all of us thought that she could trust her spouse, even one who in my opinion called her a word that is totally unforgivable, and lied about who he was talking to on the phone, but that is a whole other story! The thing that bothers me the most, is their collateral damage, their kids! Think about what important moments that their mom was not there for, the last day of school last year, the whole summer with them, dances, holidays, the first day of school, ect. You would think that these are the things that Teresa would be thinking of, while counting down her days till she can be back with her family, but not Teresa! In a clip from the Bravo special, there is a part where Gia is setting the table and she says "use the Gucci dishes" Joe said no, then Gia said, "mom said to!" Really?Really? With the short amount of time that Teresa gets to use the phone, you would think she would spend it hearing everything that is going on in the kids life, but not Teresa, she just wanted to make sure that when they come to tape, the special, that the Gucci plates are on the table! Not how was school, but make sure that the phoniness is still there, make sure that what people see is everything that makes her look richer, better, happier, more fabulous than the rest of us! It is so important, that she uses her telephone time to make sure that she tells Gia to make sure that those dishes that cost enough to buy a family car are on the table!  I know, as a mom that it would kill me to be away from my kids and to only have limited conversations with them. I would want them to tell me everything that is going on with them.  Not Teresa, those Gucci dishes need to be on the table! Let's talk about these dishes, weren't they supposed to list all their assets? I am looking to buy some dishes, and the prices of regular everyday dishes are crazy, so who wants to guess what Gucci dishes cost? What about Joe? Joe is getting ready for his turn on this magical ride Teresa  is on. Should he be deported? Absolutely! He should even get deported now, no jail time, just deport him! Save us all the money that we would spend to feed him, and take care of him for the 41 months he will be in prison, and save it, spend it on his plane ticket, and ship his ass back to Italy! I guarantee that if he gets deported, Teresa and the girls will not be going with him! Just Sayin' Karen💜

Monday, September 21, 2015

"The View" on Nurses!!

Once again the cast of the view have put their collective foot in all of their mouths!!!! Why they always seem to have to criticize anyone for doing or saying something that they feel, think or are passionate about!! Miss Colorado used her talent time at the Miss America Pageant to speak about the many, many people who choose nursing as a career!! The thing is, they really didn't have a point, they weren't saying, "I was in the hospital, and the nurses were more concerned about what they were having for dinner than taking care of me, or that they were mean to my mom when she was in the hospital, or whatever, their main goal was to trash Miss Colorado!  They just wanted to make fun of her! Why? Why would these women, women that for a living make more money than Miss Colorado makes, more money than I make, and probably money than you make, to talk, that's what they do, they talk!! If you know me, than you know that I talk, I talk all the time, sometimes to much, but I talk, just as an example about how much I talk, I have been writing this blog now, forever!! I am not exactly sure how long I have been doing this, but I love to talk so much that I write this blog, and no one even reads it!!! I write this blog, cause my daughter makes me!! She makes me write it, because she is tired of listening to me, I talk so much that my child, the child that I brought into this world, is tired of listening to her own mother!! (I know, my next topic will be about disrespectful children) Anyway, these women, with all their money decided to use their mouths to talk about Miss Colorado!! They talked about her because they just wanted to make fun of her, someone who spent her own time to speak about what she felt was important to her!  It was the talent portion of the competition!  Her time!! This is what she felt was her talent!! This is what she felt that she was good at!! There were other women that sang, played the violin, danced, or whatever they felt they were good at, and she talked about what she felt was her talent. The thing that she felt that she was the very best at of all the things that she felt that she was good at!  Do the women on the view know her? Do they think that she was a bad nurse? Had the women of the View been in a hospital in Colorado where Miss Colorado was a nurse at? So I guess I am wondering if they would be making fun at the contestant who sang, or danced?  I haven't heard anything, so I am guessing no!! Now I am not saying that the women on the View are not funny, or that they are not good at what they do, but I bet you that Miss Colorado could do their job,but do you think that they could do hers?? I am speaking from the heart! I have been in and out of the hospital for years, and I have never really had a horrible nurse! Yes, sometimes they are cranky after a long shift, and they just want to go home, but before they do, they have a mountain of paperwork that they have to do, so when a nurse says she works 11-7, or 3-11, or 11-7 that doesn't mean that they are now going home, that means now they have to do all their paperwork, and then fill the nurse that is coming on shift after them about what is going on with each patient before they can then leave which is probably an hour after their shift ended!! So aside from all of the education that they have had, and the education that they continually must keep up on, the college loans,and hours that they work, and all the glamorous things that they do, the changing of the urine bags, the washing of the patients that can't do themselves,the vomit, the bed pans, the constant complaining from the patients that not happy to be there, ect. I think that the women of the View should think before they speak, and instead of working so hard to be funny, just speak from which you know!! Oh and all the nurses including my 2 sisters, and my aunt, that I have ever seen, every single one of them had a Stethoscope!!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Rachel Ray's Kids Cook Off

Hi All,
Ok, so I am totally obsessed with all of the Cooking show Contests, Chopped, Master Chef, Cut Throat Kitchen, Guys Grocery Games, Food Network Stars, but ones that are my favorites are the kid shows!!! Master Chef Junior, the baking show with Duff and Valery Bertonelli, My Favorites are the baking shows, and there is just not enough of those, but that is a subject for another day!!  Any way, I was watching last weeks episode with my husband and my daughter, and I was watching Olivia, and I was shocked that no one made her pull her hair back!! I am not saying that she needs to have a hair net, but come on!! So as I am commenting on this subject, I look up to see that her hair is totally in her sauce!!! I was so grossed out!!! So as I am trying to not gag, my husband points out how when they did a close up of his hands, and his fingernails were disgusting!!!!!  Filthy, nasty, dirty black nails!! Carrying all kinds of germs, and God knows what else!!  I just can't even believe that the Food Network would not stress the importance of proper hygiene in the kitchen!! I think that the first time that they walked over the threshold of the Food Network, they IMMEDIATELY go over the first and most important rules!!  I am very disappointed, and shocked this would go on!! I would at home, when my kids were little make them wash their hands right away if they wanted to help in the kitchen!! Even they were my own kids, I would tend not to really eat things that they made in pre- school, or at a friends house, because I don't know how things were made!! Anyway, I just think that while they are molding children's minds, and encouraging what these kids clearly have a passion for, they should be the start with the basics!! Just Sayin'   Karen ♥

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Duggar Update

Hey All,
I just have a quick update on Josh Duggar!  I am sure that you have all heard the latest about Josh, I actually am not that shocked.  The fact that the Duggars have always talked so much about the sex that their kids wont be having, and all that they blame the rest of the world for because us women out there give the Duggar boys such impure thoughts with are jeans and things, you might expect some rebellion, but they can take the credit for their son, and he can take full credit for himself!! The only one that I really feel bad for is his wife!  Oh and his 4 children!! This woman is at home taking care of his children and he is off to what she thinks is work but he is actually paying for porn and paying to have sex with women who have sex with anyone as long as they have the cash!! The only thing that he took to heart of what his mom and dad always taught him and it is actually the family motto which is "Buy used and save the difference!" which is exactly what he did with all of his sexual activity outside of his marriage!! I really hope that she divorce's him and gives her kids a chance of a normal childhood!!  Just Sayin!!  Karen♥

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hi All!!
Well it is with a heavy heart than I am writing today!  I recently found out that the most perfect family on tv had a tarnished image.  It has been reported that Joshua Duggar, the eldest of the Duggers (Jim Bob and Michelle) was reportedly in a bedroom of a girl and was caught coming out of a girls bedroom by his own dad when he was 17!!  Jim Bob felt that it was something that he had to turn Joshua in to the State police!  There is not much information being given, like how old was the girl? Until they publish or more information comes out, he very well have been coming out of a 15,16,or 17 year old girls room, and technically the girl would have been "underage"  if it comes out that she was 14, or under then there would be an issue!!  What is so crazy about this whole thing, is that this family whom watch every week,  and their "rules" about not holding hands, and their side hugs, and this is all supposed to keep them pure for the one that they marry, but I have to say that this family talks more about kissing, hugging, and holding hands, they talk more about sex that I ever did in my family!! My dad would never would comment to me saying that I was pregnant, "Well I guess they figured it out" Who says that to their daughter?? It is creepy!! How about the girls are not allowed to wear jeans, or more importantly sweat pants!! They don't do that because, it brings impure thoughts!! I don't know about you, but I don't ever remember anyone in my family having "impure thoughts" when I wore sweatpants!! So I just feel that this family that continually talk about sex needs "chaperons" on their dates so they don't break the rules that they set up themselves!! I know that I never felt that I would do something so horrible that I would have needed someone else to come on my dates to keep me pure!! Oh well there is statistically probable that 1 of their 19 children will be gay, fall in love with someone of a different faith, or just someone wants to buy a tv!! They are one crazy family!!!  Just sayin♥

Friday, April 17, 2015

Kim Richards!!

Well, Well, Well!!!  Who did not see this coming!! Really Kim???  Seriously!!  Well, as a HUGE fan of all the Housewife shows, I really wouldn't ever wish all of Kim's problems on anyone, and I feel so sorry for her, her children, and the rest of her family!  Having said that, I am not at all surprised about Kim being arrested!! There is no way that she took "1" pain pill!  With her being an alcoholic, that one pain pill!  I am sure that as an addict, that she has a high tolerance to medication, and alcohol, and if she only took one pain pill, she would have been sleepy, not acting like an ass!! I feel so bad for her sister Kyle!!  I am sure that she knew exactly what was going on with her sister, and I think that she went to many lengths to not have this all happen on the show, and not in public!! The way Kim treated Kyle, was disgusting!!  Kyle tried to speak to Kim about what was going on with her at the poker party, and what she got in return from Kim was awful!! I think that there is someone to blame, not to say that Kim is not to blame, because, she is absolutely is, but her newest side kick Brandy, is so guilty! She is guilty for pushing Kyle away from Kim, figuratively, and physically!! Brandy was so quick to get Kim to push Kyle away from her own sister! Filling Kim's head with a bunch of lies!! It was horrible to see Brandy using Kim and her issues, to exploit her, and I believe that it was all to make sure that there was enough controversy to keep herself on the show!! It seems to me that if you have a "best" friend who is an addict, or alcoholic, you don't CONSTANTLY drink, and smoke pot around them!! If you look at this picture from a distance, I think that we can all see that Kim is not the only alcoholic on the show!! I don't blame Brandy's husband for not letting her have their kids on the show!! Who would want their kids to see this behavior from their own mother! All the other housewives at least made the effort to not drink in front of Kim!!!! It is sickening how Brandy acted around Kim, and then she professed her loyalty to Kim!! I give Kyle so much credit for her restraint around Brandy!! In my book, Kyle deserves the Sister of the year award!!(I know that there is not an award for that, cause if there was, I would have won it too!!) LOL  I think that Kyle was vindicated was Kim was arrested! As were Lisa, Lisa R and her husband, with the imaginary huge secret that Kim alluded to, with no evidence, but made enough comments, about nothing, to the point that I am sure that Lisa, and Harry had to have at least 1 conversation with their kids!! That is a low blow in my opinion, (and we know that my opinion, counts as a truth!) Eileen, and Yolanda!! So to sum things up, I hope that Kyle's daughter is healing from getting bit by Kim's vicious dog!! That was also pitiful, that Kim was more concerned that no one thought her dog bit Kyle's daughter, than the well being of her niece!! I love dogs, but that dog should be put down, before it "REALLY" hurts someone!! I hope that Yolanda is feeling better soon from her Lyme disease,and that Lisa can explain to her kids that the things that Kim was saying about their dad, was a desperate act of an alcoholic trying to push the spotlight off of her self, That Eileen comes back to the show,with the belief that the rest of the housewives will keep their wine IN their glasses!! That Lisa V will continue to have Max work his way up the chain in Sur, and that Brandy get her Plastic overly surgically face, into rehab, or that her husband gets his but into court, and gets full custody of his kids, so they are not exposed to the abuse that their mom inflicts on everyone, or that God forbid that someday, she drinks to much, and drives with them in the car after having a few to many!! He should just bring the films of this seasons behavior, and I am sure that the judge would award him full custody in a heartbeat!!  I will be back soon to dish on RH of NY, and Married at First Sight, and Newlyweds!  TTYS  Karem♥

Friday, March 27, 2015


Well everyone, Just as predicted, Theresa from Housewives of NJ has been in jail for 2 months, and I am sure that you all would be shocked to hear, that her loving husband, (you know the one who called his wife the worst word that could you could be called) anyway, Joe, the one that got her in this mess, are you ready?  Yes, Joe has been cheating on her with a woman that he met in a bar!!!  I was as shocked as you are right now!! Well I cant waste time on something that everyone knew would happen!!

I will however talk about the alcoholic slut, who is ruining her face with whatever she is having someone do to it, from RHWBH  yes, Brandy!!  I mean come on!!  When she is not throwing drinks at people, or slapping, or hitting, or having her HooHaa showing, or a nipple here or a nipple there, nipple everywhere, except in her dress!!  She is a freakin' Train Wreck!!!  She was so pretty in the beginning, but little by little she is doing Botox, fillers,and god knows whatever else, oh but not to leave out her HooHaa rejuvenation surgery, but that I don't care about, because I don't have to look at it!! However. give her time, and she will probably show that too!!  Well I have to run, but I will be back, so don't miss me to much, haha cause I have no followers, there is no one to miss me!! LOL Karen♥

Friday, January 16, 2015

Theresa Goes to JAIL!!!!!!

Hi again,
I know that I am actually talking to myself, but that's ok!!  It just means that I don't bug my family with all of my comments about T.V. ! Haha  Not really, but that is what I tell them!!  I am a little scared that I am happy that Theresa Gudice went to prison.  Does that make me a bad person?  Haha Oh well, then It Is What It Is!!!  I think from the beginning of the RHNJ, I just thought she was so snobbish, especially when she was building a new house, cause she didn't want to live in a house where someone had lived in it before, she said it was gross!  Well Theresa, I guarantee that where you live right now, there was definitely someone living there before you!! I hated the way she treated people, thinking that she was better than everyone else in the world, and now her children are without her, and they are with their dad, and although that would not be a bad thing for 90% of the country, but in this situation, it is incredibly sad for this family. He is such a pig, he called his wife the worst name that a husband, or anyone to call another human being!!  Not only did he call their mother this, he did it on national Television, for them to see, hear for the rest of their lives, Now they can be reminded about it from friends, and strangers!  I hope that the kids can find a way to get over this, but I just don't see how!!